"Our goal is to empower people to heal, by giving them the necessary information and options including, in some cases, the option to heal."

Personal Training/Clinical Exercise Prescription

In 1996, the Surgeon General released the first report on physical activity and health, summarizing an exhaustive review of the research on physical activity. It recommended that people of all ages strive to accumulate 30 minutes of moderate intensity lifestyle activity throughout the day on most days of the week. SHE, Inc provides personal training and clinical exercise prescription. We can help you develop an exercise routine designed around your personal health concerns and physical interests.

According to a large-scale study at Duke University (2000), exercise is far more effective in treating depression than an SSRI drug alone; furthermore, the drug treatment reduced the potential clinical benefits of exercise.

Considerable research has demonstrated the clinical benefits of exercise for both preventing the onset of illness, as well as the benefit of proper exercise prescription for the treatment of specific illnesses. Since an effective exercise prescription can be crucial to enhancing and maintaining your well-being, we can work with both you and your physician to integrate exercise into your health care program. The legal standard of care requires that you be encouraged to consult with your physician before beginning an exercise program. SHE, Inc. continues to encourage medical schools to begin to add training in exercise prescription to their curriculums in order to address this legal standard of care.

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